The workshop is focused on giving a set of basic tools, where the tehnology comes as a completion of the body, and is based on the working methods developed by the Tangaj Dance collective, in the last two years, within the performances 0002 | Birdville and 0003 | Aftertaste. During the 5 meetings with the choreographer Simona Deaconescu and the dancer and sound designer Denis Bolborea, the participants will have the opportunity to discover new possibilities of body exploitation through sound and video art.


The body will be guided to and efficient use of various speeds and intensities, of the rewind, floating and movement decomposition character, wishing to develop a language based on the fructification of the performer`s intuition. We will experience efficient methods through which a body can float in space and time, a system through which the dance becomes easy, handy, expressive, accessible, an organic language. We  don’t look for perfection, but for exploitation of fragility, sensibility and wishes.


The way of working with sound will be diversified and thorough from one course to another: from finding a personal voice which leads and completes the body, to digital manipulation of the voice, to assuming some texts or sounds coming from external sources. The goal of the workshop is to help the performers to find and assume their own corporal voice, to be aware of the sound environments around them, to develop the distributive attention while they dance, to help them to create many characters or personalities by means of sound and body.


The video camera will support the participants on ”inventing” new technic personalities. The participants will be placed in a hybrid environment within which their body will be guided to find meanings, to associate them and to dissociate them constantly. The creative process and the playful atmosphere proposed by Simona and Denis will help the participants to relax and to look at themselves as springs of possibilities.

The sound body and the visual body complete the dancing body to make it a whole and to help it to create hallucinating virtual realities. The workshop will finish with a public presentation.

Simona Deaconescu  is one of the most active young choreogrphers of Romania, making performances where science and technology play a very important role. Simona developed a working method based on interdisciplinarity, sharing to the participants at the workshops inovative working techniques, where the body is put in relation with video art, interactive systems and live action composition. The workshops held by Simona become multimedia performative laboratories, resulting in lively public presentations full of parallel realities.