Claudiu Cobilanschi // “meta-diegetica. research-footage b”, 2017, HD, 8’20 // Video installation

Claudiu Cobilanschi meta-diegetica

Claudiu Cobilanschi // “meta-diegetica. research-footage b”, 2017, HD, 8’20 // Video installation (Media Room) // 08.11.2017 – 30.11.2017

Project selected for “Visualizing the sound” 2017

Production: WASP Studios. Co-production: Asociația 4Culture

Curators: Olivia Nițiș and Ciprian Ciuclea

Opening: 08.11.2017 | 7:30 pm

WASP – Working Art Space and Production

67-93 Ion Minulescu 67-93, Bucharest, Romania

Free admission

Claudiu Cobilanschi experiments with the modest cinema tools from the early 20th century.

The film, the sound missing, the black and white image, are elements of an experiment in which the memory and the sounds are testing each other, caused by unclear, still images.

The images are discontinued, the darken spaces divide the meanings and forces you to get out of the passive perception. The influenced illusion is being locked and forced to mechanically malfunction..

The story’s atmosphere doesn’t compress, start and stop, and rest immediately. The meta-diegetics are back on the streets, which is the sound that everybody hears?

When whispers become shouts, the silence becomes deafening. What is this roar that nobody talks about?

Claudiu Cobilanschi works at the boundary between art and the press, using, as a journalist, various media of expression applied to the unfolding and debate of socio-political themes, and is interested, as an artist, in the analysis and aesthetics of the influences of those themes. He approached favorite topics, like thinking stereotypes, mass media and ego-casting, immigration and poverty, a.s.o., by using techniques and methods such as photography & performance, super-8 cine-experiments, guerilla publishing & poster bombing.
He has collaborated with institutions from Romania and abroad, like ParadisGaraj Bucharest, Kunsthalle Winterthur, Salonul de Proiecte Bucharest, Depo Instanbul, Rotwand Gallery,, GallleriaPiu Bologna, IG Bildende Kunst Vienna,, Tranzit/Erste, Romanian Cultural Institute, MotorenHalle Dresden, Prototyp Prague.
claudiu cobilanschi

VISUALIZING THE SOUND is a cultural project produced by WASP STUDIOS in co-production with 4Culture.

Partners: UNArte – National University of Arts, Zeppelin, Modernism Punct Ro, kinema ikon, Centrul de Fotografie Contemporană, Iași

This project is financed in the frame of the Cultural Program “Bucharest Participatory City” by the Bucharest County Hall through the Cultural Center of Bucharest – ARCUB.

Visualizing the Sound is a cultural project co-funded by AFCN – National Cultural Fund Administration.

The project does not necessarily represent the National Cultural Fund Administrations point of view. AFCN cannot be held responsible for the contents of the project or for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. These are entirely the author’s’ responsibility.

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