Critical Endeavour, Angela Vadori

21.09 – 25.09 / 11:00 / WASP

angela vadori


September 21 – 22: 11:00 – 15:00

September 23 – 25: 18:00 – 21:00

If there is one attitude that we must move beyond, it is that pan-European self-protective huddling which is only interested in Europe in so far as it forms a barrage against the rest of the world: even more reason for placing one’s hope in an extra-European interculturalism which may lend a strong hand to the theatre of today.“ (Patrice Pavis)


Interculturality in contemporary art is not an ideal, nor a necessity, it is a fact with wide reaching social and political implications. It is also a fact that needs to be addressed critically, in an informed and rigorous way. The multiple and complex relationships between theatre/performance and culture have been addressed extensively by scholars such as Victor Turner and Richard Schechner, but beyond this anthropological approach the area of interculturality is widely ignored.  What does the above mentioned idea of a pan-European culture entail? What purpose may it serve? When art is permeated with differing structures of thought and aesthetics, how can criticism still address it and which questions does it need to ask also itself? Critical readings of dance/peformance always tell one story. One of many. The challenge is dealing with this plurality and one’s own position in it.

Some of the issues that may arise in this workshop from investigating relations and implications of interculturality may be:

- Cultural universals and particulars. How useful are they?

- The relationship of „art“ and „artistry“(or art as religion vs. religious art)

- Dialogical/polylogical structures – and what other options there may be

- Ethical implications of thinking different cultures.

The methodology of work will be close reading of performances/texts, discussion/dialogue and production of texts (without formal requirements). The reading materials will be provided.

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