Familia Offline

31.10 | 20:00 | WASP black box
Text: Mihaela Michailov
Directed by: Radu Apostol
With: Bianca Gheorghe, Denis Nadolu, Ionuț Roșca, Mario Ștefan, Andreea Baraitan, Georgiana Moise, Anca Negoiță, Roberta Parascan, Ana Maria Zaincovschi, Viorel Cojanu și Mihaela Rădescu
Scenography: Maria Mandea
Music: Bogdan Burlăcianu

The project Copiii migrației is financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fond. The project enjoyed the guidance of the Step by Step Center for Professional Education and Development.

Familia Offline is the show where the aging process is described in the absence of parents. It is the show of those children that grow old, waiting to be in their mother and father presence again. Their aging process comes with innocent, affectionate and cynical questions concerning the world were we live in: When are we old enough to look after ourselves and our close ones? When do we become like our mother? And when mother is not around, who becomes our mother?

Familia Offline is part of the Educational Theater project Copiii migrației initiated by the Cultural Replika Association, in partnership with the theater Teatrul Foarte Mic from Bucharest. The Familia Offline’s team has worked for one year with a group a children from School 55, Republica neighborhood. The children suggested situations and theater solutions, used their imagination, casual creativity and individual abilities to build a show where they represent the emphatic voices of their own reality – the social reality of children that are left alone after their parents leave the country for work.

The Educational Theater is not a platform for gifted children, that are awarded according to their compositional capacity or their confirmed abilities, but an education and development environment for any child, thru the instruments provided by theatrical games. The Educational Theater focuses on team spirit and on the creation comunity, which is that type of comunity that works on non hierarchic, equality principles, and where children are pushed to express themselves together, in a free manner, to come with ideas and sollutions, without beeing afraid that at any point they might say something wrong. At the Educational Theater we don’t give any grades or scores and we don’t punish those things that are usually considered as an error. We only have the collective participation at a creation process in which each child becomes a teacher that educates himself and the others, in the spirit of the common initiative of action. The Educational Theater builds upon a pedagogy of collective life experience, wherewith children learn together to form themselves, experimenting situations and contexts that help them to a better understanding of the world they live in.

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