Iosif Király: HEROES WERE PEOPLE JUST LIKE US. From selfie to monument


Iosif Király // HEROES WERE PEOPLE JUST LIKE US. From selfie to monument

Permanent exhibition,  for programming please write us at 
The exhibition investigates, through reconstructions and photographic associations, various situations in which citizens of the digital age relate to history and the personalities that have marked it.

Iosif Király is an artist, architect and educator who lives in Bucharest. He has participated in numerous national and international art exhibitions and events, both individually and in various collaborative projects, the most well-known project being the subREAL group.

He benefited from scholarships and artistic residencies, he has also participated and coordinated cultural and documentary programs. His works are in numerous art collections, both public and private.

He is one of the founding members (in 1995) of the Photography and Dynamic Department of the National University of Arts, Bucharest, where he is currently a professor. Starting 2013, he holds a course within the visual studies master of arts at SNSPA.

Photo credit: Iosif Király






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