Judith State @Violeta Cristea

Judith State: EMBER

EMBER Judith State, coreographer and performer István Téglás, performer Radu Dumitriu, musician Dates: ► 17.10.2020 // The National Romanian Literature Museum // ► EMBER ►Judith State, István Téglás & Radu Dumitriu // Performance installation, work in progress presented within eXplore festival #15 // online on eXplore festival, 4Culture and WASP Magazine facebook pages. ► 17.08-16.10.2020 // WASP Working Art




Interview with Margaret Abeshu

Margaret Abeshu (b. 1990), originally from Ethiopia but settled in Oslo, is an interdisciplinary designer who uses in her work the influences of childhood memories and personal experiences as a multicultural identity. The artist also explores the relationship between body, spirit and object through her creative process. Through the interview, we can get closer to Margaret

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