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Judith State: EMBER

EMBER Judith State, coreographer and performer István Téglás, performer Radu Dumitriu, musician Dates: ► 17.10.2020 // The National Romanian Literature Museum // ► EMBER ►Judith State, István Téglás & Radu Dumitriu // Performance installation, work in progress presented within eXplore festival #15 // online on eXplore festival, 4Culture and WASP Magazine facebook pages. ► 17.08-16.10.2020 // WASP Working Art




Cover Transsystemic

Transsystemic Signals 2.0 (Ciprian Făcăeru, Andrei Raicu)

Transsystemic Signals 2.0 (Ciprian Făcăeru, Andrei Raicu) July 7 – 28  Artist talk + Opening installation: July 7, 19:00-22:00  WASP Working Art Space and Production Booking here: Free entrance Event organized within EXPLORING PLUREALITIES Symposium #1 Transsystemic Signals 2.0 explores the innovative-creative potential of the tools and methods offered by the new media in order

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4 MINUTES 10 SECONDS 6 MONTHS | George Crîngașu

Date: 30.09, 20:00 The video developed for 4 MINUTES 10 SECONDS 6 MONTHS follows a linear motion of a virtual camera, its role being to show the personal journey of the construction of each scene. The artist wanted to represent a system similar to the one of the transition from static 2D to motion 3D