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Extinction Room (Hopeless.)_birdcollage1_Photo credit - Philip Ingman

Sergiu Matis – Extinction Room (Hopeless.) presented at BOZAR, part of Europalia Arts Festival 2019

Sergiu Matis – Extinction Room (Hopeless.) presented at BOZAR, part of Europalia Arts Festival 2019

Extinction Room (Hopeless.) by Sergiu Matis, commissioned by Europalia Arts Festival Romania,  will be presented  within the exhibition Brancusi – Sublimation of Form at BOZAR, between October 17th and 19th, 2019. Extinction Room (Hopeless.) is a performative multi-channel sound installation consisting of recordings of extinct and endangered bird species. It explores the idea of nature in western society and its representation

Alice Feraru - video still

Life Long Burning: Alice Feraru, Corina Rafael & Mircea Hristescu

Explore Festival #14 – Bucharest International Contemporary Dance and Performance Festival 12.10.2019 // WASP Working Art Space and Production Mircea Hristescu, Alice Feraru & Corina Rafael Multimedia installations Inside out The series of images represent a large space photographed in different time periods (2017-2019) from opposite viewpoints. The affective approach to a series of images


Iosif Király: HEROES WERE PEOPLE JUST LIKE US. From selfie to monument

Iosif Király // HEROES WERE PEOPLE JUST LIKE US. From selfie to monument Permanent exhibition,  for programming please write us at  The exhibition investigates, through reconstructions and photographic associations, various situations in which citizens of the digital age relate to history and the personalities that have marked it. Iosif Király is an artist, architect and educator


About Performance, Architecture and Landscape Symposium, with Andreea Căpitănescu

The Performance, architecture and landscape symposium approaches the relationship between art, architecture and landscape from a perspective of ecological practices, in which the body is seen as a link between these specific areas. The second perspective refers to the fact that, in the future, climate change will influence, transform and endanger the human existence in

Simpozion Performance, Architecture and Landscape

The “Performance, architecture and landscape” symposium will take place between June 28 and July 3, 2019

WASP Studios and 4Culture Association will organize the Performance, Architecture and Landscape symposium, from June 28 to July 3, 2019, in Bucharest. The event’s program includes installations, performances, lectures and presentations delivered by artists and architects from Romania, Austria, France, Belgium and Sweden, at WASP – Working Art Space & Production. The symposium will be

afis expo WASP-2019


ROBERT BOUARIU/ ANDREI BOTNARU/ SILVIA CONSTANTIN/ LARISSA DANILOV/ MIHAI FLOREA/ OANA GOCIMAN/ FRANCESCA IGNAT/ MĂLINA MONCEA   On Thursday, April 18th, 2019, starting 6 p.m., WASP Working Art Space and Production (67-93 Ion Minulescu Street, Bucharest) will host the opening of Post-photographic Narratives, an exhibition produced by the Photo-Video students from “George Enescu” National University of the


First edition of Bucharest Arts and Public Space Festival starts on 15th of December 2018!

4Culture Association, in partnership with WASP Studios, launches the first edition of Bucharest Arts and Public Space Festival, which will take place from 15th till 19th of December at WASP Working Art Space and Production and Galateca Gallery in Bucharest. „The increasing of the social dynamics, as a result of people’s mobility and the new